Drop Shipments

Moving Mail and Saving Money

Every year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers hundreds of millions of mail pieces to its customers.

The process begins at the “point of origin”, the facility where mail is entered into the postal system. The mail is then loaded on trucks, planes or rail cars and is handled through many processes before it reaches its final delivery, or the “point of destination.”

For many years postage rates reflected the costs of this operation.  Recently, the USPS has offered a tiered system of postage discounts to customers who transport Standard mail to the facilities closest to the point of destination. These are known as “drop shipments.”

Drop shipments of large volumes of mail result in significant postage savings which more than cover the costs of transportation. The more steps that can be by-passed, the more cost-effective drop shipping becomes. However, with smaller volumes, transportation costs often outweigh drop shipping cost benefits.

As a value-added service, Universal Mailing, using logistics principles in combination with in-plant verification of finished mail, is able to consolidate multiple projects, resulting in optimal transportation efficiencies. As a result, we can offer drop ship services, with the resultant postage discounts, to clients who may not have been able to benefit from this in the past. The advantages to the client are not only in postage savings, but also in improved delivery time, with fewer opportunities for error.

While not appropriate in all situations, drop shipping is an option to consider when planning your next mailing.

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