Planning Your Mailing

A successful mailing requires planning and preparation.  When planning, consider your objectives and options.  You may find the following list of questions provide some helpful guidelines

  • What is the purpose of the mailing? 
  • Whom do you want to reach?
  • Do you have a list, and how organized/complete is it?
    • Do you need help organizing it?
  • Will your list need additional adjustments?
    • e.g.  add phone numbers, demographics, merge/purge, specialty printing, etc.
  • What is your time frame?
  • What kind of mailing are you planning?
    • Letter, postcard, flat, etc.
    • Parcel or package
    • Bagging or shrink-wrapping
    • Oversized envelopes
    • Inserts of various types
  • What is the appropriate Mail Class?
  • Do you have/need Graphic art?
  • Do you have a source for your printing requirements?
  • What method of addressing is best suited to your needs?
    • e.g. multiple options under the general headings of Laser letter, Ink jet, Cheshire labels, pressure sensitive labels
  • Which barcode option is best for your mailing?

If you need assistance in any aspect of your specific mailing project, call our expert and courteous staff.  We stand ready to provide mailing service that will exceed your expectations.