Green Awareness and Education

Universal Mailing has created several environmental awareness and education programs for our employees. In addition, we promote proper use of environmentally safe products. We are also extending our awareness and education programs to our customers and vendors.


At Universal Mailing Services we are not only encouraging, but also helping our employees to 'go greener' with several initiatives:

  • We have created awareness and education programs for our employees to use environmentally friendly practices, not only at work, but in their daily routines.
  • We promote the proper use of environmentally safe products.
  • The use of carpooling or van transportation is encouraged.
  • We have developed a “Getting Greener” Power Point presentation to educate employees, vendors and customers in key areas.
  • Our customers are encouraged to develop cost and environmentally efficient designs and sizes for mail pieces.
  • We believe that if each person does his/her small part, a real impact can be made on the environment.


In an effort to conserve our vital resources, Universal Mailing Service recommends a number of tactics to our clients to make direct mail more eco-friendly. Some examples of our recommendations include:

  • Decrease the thickness of paper stock used in printed materials.
  • Cut down on the number of elements in a mail package.
  • Use recycled or “groundwood” paper rather than virgin stock.
  • Use vegetable - or water-based inks whenever possible.
  • Utilize Print-on-Demand technology to reduce waste.
  • Explore printing processes that produce less waste (e.g. rotogravure).